At Allsteel, we believe that being a leader in ergonomic office products means more than showing users how to adjust their furniture. We believe in solving real, day-to-day problems in the workplace. We believe in educating everyone on the benefits of ergonomics and how to apply ergonomic principles in their workplace. Ergonomic considerations are primary in our product development process, and important ergonomic and human factor criteria are established early in the design phase. We think that product innovation is the most direct way to help solve ergonomic issues in the workplace.

Our goal is to develop products that respond to issues confronting office workers every day - today and into the future.

Technology and Testing

The Ergonomics Laboratory at Allsteel is home to a wide array of technology, allowing our engineers to refine products throughout the development processes. The result includes products that are comfortable, safe, and easy to use. Technology includes pressure mapping, electromyography, force gauges, and temperature sensors.


Anthropometry is the science of measuring the body dimensions for a given population. At Allsteel, we utilize the most current anthropometric databases to ensure our products ate tailored to meet a range of body sizes, and ensure that your furniture offers optimal comfort and support.

Ergonomic Guidelines

Allsteel relies on a combination of HFES, BIFMA, and other standards to help develop new products.

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