Informa Research Services

Agoura Hills, CA | Financial Services


Informa Research Services sought an improved workplace environment to better meet the needs of employees and clients. The company consolidated many smaller satellite offices into one continuous 25,000 square foot location. This move and space update included rethinking the solo workspace and collaboration area experience, as well as enhancing meeting rooms with the latest technology, creating casual team areas, and integrating private spaces for heads-down work.

Informa’s newly designed open-office plan allows consistent flow of natural light throughout the building and encourages dynamic collaboration between individuals and departments. A mixture of light-colored workstations and low glass privacy panels blend seemlessly with pops of color to create a sleek, modern feel consistently throughout the office.

Improved collaborative spaces designed with multi-functional furniture provide both formal and informal meeting spaces throughout the building, offering employees the choice of where and how they wish to meet or work together.

Since moving into their new location, Informa Research Services leadership have indicated the change has truly brought the team together. They are pleased with the level of employee interaction and collaboration they are now experiencing. The new environment encourages communication between departments, which has increased team trust and employee engagement.

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