Simi Valley Unified School District

Simi Valley, CA | Education


In 2017 Simi Valley Unified School District recognized the need to design a workplace that would consolidate its various satellite administrative teams, to increase efficiency and productivity among the district. The district focused on constructing an environment that would support and encourage collaboration, mobility, and workplace wellness by incorporating activity-base space planning.

Rather than planning space around people and status, the district’s new building accommodates the variety of activities and work performed in the space. The nearly 300 individual workspaces allows for heads-down, focused work while giving the employee choice and health benefits with sit-to-stand desking and ergonomic seating. Around the facility, the design incorporates several casual collaboration areas that foster relationship and trust building. The new building also provides the district the opportunity to host community meetings and events with large meeting and training spaces. During the design process it was important to provide a furniture and workplace solution that would adapt for future growth and expanded utilization.

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